Images of the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords Ggripptogg Test Shots

toy-news-and-talkProduction seems to be moving right along for the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords line. They shared some images of a red test shot of Ggripptogg the four fisted brute, they just received, and it looks pretty cool. The images show off Ggripptogg with his super mace laser weapon along with a Ggrapptikk test shot. From what I’ve seen so far, they seem to have a bit of vintage, with a modern sculpt update to them. So check out the images of the test shots below and stay tuned for more Power Lords details and availability as it becomes available. (Source: Power Lords Return)

power-lords-ggripptogg-and-ggrapptikk-test-shots-01 power-lords-ggripptogg-and-ggrapptikk-test-shots-02 power-lords-ggripptogg-and-ggrapptikk-test-shots-03 power-lords-ggripptogg-and-ggrapptikk-test-shots-04 power-lords-ggripptogg-and-ggrapptikk-test-shots-05

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