Images of Star Trek Select Captain Jean-Luc Picard Figure Packaging

toy-news-and-talkJoining the expanding line of Star Trek Select figures is fan-favorite Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Along with the Captain Kirk and Spock figures, this marks the third figure in the new Star Trek 7-inch line of figures.

Picard was sculpted by Art Asylum’s Patrick Pigott. It features 7 points of articulation in his upper body. Also, his hands and legs are interchangeable with the other figures in the Star Trek Select line. The figure comes with a dio display base that represents the interior of a Borg cube, which features details of a torso and arm of an exploded Borg. The Borg parts are removable from the base.

You can check out some images of the Star Trek Select Captain Picard figure in packaging below. Then be sure to keep an eye out for the figure when it arrives in stores in late December. (Source: Art Asylum Blog)

dst-star-trek-select-captain-jean-luc-picard-pkg-front dst-star-trek-select-captain-jean-luc-picard-pkg-back dst-star-trek-select-captain-jean-luc-picard-figure-01

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