Images of Marvel Select 2012 Disney Store Exclusives — Lizard, Venom and Savage Hulk!

toy-news-and-talkLooks like you will have a reason to head to your local Disney Store this holiday season. Well other than looking for gifts for family and friends. Looks like the Disney Store will be getting a few Marvel Select Exclusive Figures and we have some images to share with you. The exclusive figures are: “Savage” Hulk as featured in the recent Hulk comic book drawn by Marc Silvestri, also Spider-Man villain the Lizard, and a modern version of Venom (aka Flash Thompson). There will also be a 4-pack of Spider-Man Fearsome Foes featuring: Spider-Man, Lizard, Green Goblin and Venom (Flash Thompson). The images are mirrored below, and look for these soon at a Disney Store near you, as well as at and (Source: Art Asylum Blog)

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