Images of Life-Size Ingram from Live-Action ‘Patlabor’ Movie

hollywood-movie-newsAnnounced at the 2013 Tokyo Anime Fair earlier this year, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation announced a live-action movie based on the popular late ’80s/early ’90s anime series, Patlabor. Today, some images surfaced of a full-size Ingram prop built for the movie. Have say it is pretty awe-inspiring to see this brought to life. Patlabor was one of my favorite ’90s anime to watch. Check out the images mirrored below. You can visit the official site for the movie here. Patlabor will be released sometime in 2014. (Source: CyberGundam Blog via Collection DX)

patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-01 patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-02 patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-03 patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-04 patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-05 patlabor-movie-2014-life-size-ingram-06

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