Images of Kids Logic’s Transformers Classic Characters LED Super-Deformed Figures

toy-news-and-talkThanks to the Singapore Transformers Fan page, Planet Iacon, we have some new images of the Kids Logic’s Transformers Classic Characters LED Super-Deformed Figures. Featured in the images are Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, Starscream and Soundwave.

These super-deformed versions of classic Transformers stand 9 to 10.5cm (3.5 to 4.125 inches) tall. The Optimus Prime is already available and will soon be joined by these five other ones, with a sixth figure in the form of Megatron. We have yet to still see the Megatron version though. The Nemesis Prime figure will be a select market figure. These are a bit pricey though at $119.99. (Via Facebook)

UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong on the price (and size in inches, which I’ve corrected). According to online retailer BigBadToyStore, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Starscream and Soundwave are in a set together for $119.99.

kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-bumblebee kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-grimlock kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-optimus-prime kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-nemesis-prime kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-soundwave kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-starscream kids-logic-transformers-kids-nation-series-line-up

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  • Nick

    These are doing well enough to add more to the product line, even with the $120 price? That’s just crazy. These look really cool, and I like them, but that is just WAY too expensive. Especially when you can go and get a Masterpiece figure for under $100.

    • I was wrong on the price. There are five for $120. Still pricey for 3-4″ figures, but more doable.

      • Nick

        I was on BBTS and saw this and was about to talk about the update, too >.< I agree, the price is better, but still a little too high. That is a lot more realistic. Grimlock though, I would totally drop 20 – 30 bucks for him. He looks epic.