Images of Jakks Pacific’s Giant Size Godzilla Figure

toy-news-and-talkLooks like the Godzilla 2014 product is starting to arrive at retailers. Images of what has to be one of the biggest Godzilla figures ever have surfaced. Thanks to Godzilla-Movies and IDW Publishing’s Facebook page with Chris Mowry (writer of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth), we have a couple of images of the Giant Size Godzilla figure. And it is huge! It is over 40-inches long.

I’m not seeing an exact price for this monstrous monster, but what I’ve seen mentioned is around $50. Which considering the size, is quite a deal. This is only one of what I’m sure will be a barrage of Godzilla collectibles and merchandise. So start saving that money, it is going to be an expensive year. Good luck hunting down a Giant Size Godzilla. (Source: Godzilla-Movies & Facebook)

jakks-pacific-giant-size-godzilla-figure chris-mowry-with-giant-size-godzilla-by-jakks-photo-by-mariel-romero

Photo credit: Chris Mowry photo by Mariel Romero

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