Images of Bandai’s “Atomic Roar” Godzilla Surface

toy-news-and-talkThanks to and an anonymous fan, we have some images of Bandai’s “Atomic Roar” Godzilla (2014) figure to check out. Based on the upcoming movie, this Godzilla figure features his trademark roar along with light-up atomic fire breath.

And thanks to pi9zilla there is an Instragram video that features the roar and shows how the atomic fire breath features work. Check that out below along with a few images. There are a couple more images over at SciFied to check out if you want. It sounds like the “Atomic Roar” Godzilla should be hitting retailers some time later this month. (Via SciFied)

bandai-atomic-roar-godzilla-figure-01 bandai-atomic-roar-godzilla-figure-02 bandai-atomic-roar-godzilla-figure-03

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