Images of Avengers Infinite Series Wave 1 Carded

toy-news-and-talkWe’ve already seen images of the upcoming Avengers Infinite Series figures, but now thanks again to Hasbro we have images of the figures carded. The first thing you might notice is that these cards are pretty generic. No more character specific card art.

The first wave of Avengers Infinite Series consists of: Captain America, Heroic Age Iron Man, Platinum Wasp, Platinum Hyperion, Platinum (Marvel NOW!) Hulk, and Platinum Grim Reaper. What exactly the “Platinum” designation remains to be determined still.

Once again, enjoy the hi-res images, and be sure to place your pre-orders with your favorite online retailers. (Source: Hasbro)

avengers-infinite-wave-1-captain-america-carded avengers-infinite-wave-1-age-of-heroes-iron-man-carded avengers-infinite-wave-1-platinum-grim-reaper-carded avengers-infinite-wave-1-platinum-hyperion-carded avengers-infinite-wave-1-platinum-incredible-hulk-carded avengers-infinite-wave-1-platinum-wasp-carded

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