Images of the Marauder Task Force (Red) Command Ops Figure

There has been quite a few images posted already of the Marauder Task Force figures, showing what will eventually be the final production figures. The images have revealed some really great looking figures. But one thing absent from the preview images was one of the figures, the red Command Ops figure. It was not available at the time of them taking the photos to share with us, but that has now changed. The figure is in hand and the Marauder “Gun-Runners” team has snapped some shots of it finally. It looks great too.

This figure, along with the others will be shipping to Kickstarter backers hopefully in December. Then once they have shipped to all backers, the figures and all available accessories will then go on sale on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” website. So while we wait, check out the latest Marauder Task Force images mirrored below.

marauder-task-force-red-command-ops-figure-preview-01 marauder-task-force-red-command-ops-figure-preview-02 marauder-task-force-red-command-ops-figure-preview-03

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