More Images of the Marauder Task Force Painted Pre-Production Factory Samples

toy-news-and-talkMarauder John has delivered more images of the Marauder Task Force painted pre-production factory sample figures. The latest images show the figures in a few various accessories. These painted samples are a very close representation of what the figures will look like when they start shipping in December. More images, including 360 video views of the figures are still to come.

For those that missed out on the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, don’t worry, the figures will be available on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” website. It will include all the individual accessories (scarves, hats, helmets, heads, pouches, vests, goggles), bodies and heads, which will be available after they ship the Kickstarter pre-orders.

marauder-task-force-painted-pre-production-factory-samples-04 marauder-task-force-painted-pre-production-factory-samples-03 marauder-task-force-painted-pre-production-factory-samples-05 marauder-task-force-painted-pre-production-factory-samples-06

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