Images of Kickstarter Project Marauder Task Force Night-Ops Figure!

toy-news-and-talkWhen the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter project kicked off, one of the figures that is part of the packages available was not shown in any of the photos. There was only a 3D rendering of the figure. Well that has changed now. Marauder “Gun-Runners” has posted a gallery of images of the real Night-Ops figure and it is damn sexy looking.

The all black figure looks fantastic in some of the combinations available. Looks like a shock trooper with some of the gear and armor on. Almost terrifying. I’ve mirrored a handful of the images below, but if you head on over to their Facebook page, you can check out more.

The Marauder Task Force Kickstarter project is fully funded and has unlocked two stretch goals so far. As of this posting, it is almost at $67,000. This is $8,000 short of the next stretch goal which unlocks another figure! So spread the word. Hopefully those in attendance at JoeCon 2014 this weekend will get to see the figures at the Boss Fight Studio booth and get some incentive to back this great project.

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