Images from Community’s G.I. Joe Themed Episode, “G.I. Jeff”

television-tv-news-and-talkA couple of weeks ago it was revealed that an upcoming episode of Community would have a G.I. Joe themed episode. The episode is titled “G.I. Jeff.” Executive producer Chris McKenna tells EW that, “[G.I. Joe] was something from our childhood that was very important to us and we had fond memories of it, and we thought it would be a cool way to do another animated episode.

Mckenna goes on to share a little on how this story begins: “We do a typical G.I. Joe opening where G.I. Joe is battling Cobra, then something very un-G.I. Joe and something very Community happens, and it becomes this inciting incident that gets our characters in hot water in the G.I. Joe realm.

Definitely sounds like this will be another classic episode of Community. The “G.I. Jeff” episode which I thought would air by the end of April, will actually air in the first week on April 3rd! While we wait for it, some still images from the show have been posted that feature Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), Annie Edison (Alison Brie), and Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown). You can check them out below. (Source: EW)

community-episode-gi-jeff-01 community-episode-gi-jeff-02 community-episode-gi-jeff-03

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