Image Gallery of Non-Transforming High-Dollar Ultimetal Optimus Prime

toy-news-and-talkSure this Optimus Prime is pretty damn cool looking and would make a great addition to any Transformers collection. But that price is crazy. The Ultimetal Optimus Prime is priced at ¥78,000, which is roughly equal to $800 U.S. will certainly be an obstacle for many.

The Ultimetal Optimus Prime figure features many metal parts, along with light and sound functions that can be activated by a remote control. It does have many articulating joints, allowing for different poses, but does not transform. Yep, you read that right, no transforming ability. But it does have removable armor that reveals the inner mechanics of Optimus Prime, including the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. It also comes with the his signature Energon axe and blaster.

Even if you don’t plan on picking this one up, definitely check out the gallery of images showing off the Ultimetal Optimus Prime below. (Source: Tomopop & Seibertron)

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