Identification Guide to Lego Series 15 Minifigures Blind Bag Codes

Lego Series 15 Blind Bag Codes GuideThe next installment of our ongoing series of Lego blind bag identification guides, the Identification Guide to Lego Series 15 Minifigure Blind Bag Codes, is here!

To date, we’ve created blind bag code guides for both series one and two of the Lego Simpsons Minfigures as well as the Lego Series 14 Monsters Minifigures. Our guides have become a popular resource for collectors to ensure they aren’t getting stuck with the same minfigures over and over and our Series 15 Minifigure Blind Bag Code guide continues that tradition.

Download the guide by using the button below, then print the guide on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Next time you go shopping for series 15 minifigures, bring the guide with you and match the patterns on the sheet to the raised bump code pattern found along the bottom of the back of each blind bag. Use the provided circles to check off the figures you have and say goodbye to unwanted duplicates. As a supplement to our guide, we also recommend feeling the contents of the blind bag for unique pieces included with each figure.

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