Identification Guide to Lego Disney Minifigure Blind Bag Codes

LEGO Disney Minifigure Blind Bag Code GuideWe’re back with our next LEGO minifigure blind bag guide! This time, we present our Identification Guide to Lego Disney Minifigure Blind Bag Codes to help you identify the contents of LEGO’s latest series of blind-bagged minifigures.

Our guide to LEGO Disney minifigure blind bag codes marks our fifth installment–be sure to check out our LEGO Simpsons series one and series two, Series 14 Monsters Minifigures, and Series 15 Minifigures guides–and our guides have become a popular resource for collectors looking to avoid getting duplicate minifigures or just getting that one minifigure they’re really after.

Download the guide by using the button below, then print the guide on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Next time you go shopping for LEGO Disney minifigures, bring the guide with you and match the patterns on the sheet to the raised bump code pattern found along the bottom of the back of each blind bag. Use the provided circles to check off the figures you have and say goodbye to unwanted duplicates. As a supplement to our guide, we also recommend feeling the contents of the blind bag for unique pieces included with each figure.

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  • Kristy Warren Stout

    Just bought a ton of these and the dots are completely different than what you show above. None of them matched what the chart shows.

    • Kristy, if you could share the dot codes for the minifigures you purchased, we can create another chart for that assortment to help more people out. There are several different assortments out there and the ones on our chart are from the blind bags I happened to get.

      • James Schaffner

        The dots you have listed for Ariel were Alice for me.

        • James, like Kristy the assortment was different from the one I had. Did you purchase any other minifigures that you can share the codes for? We’d love to put together more guides for all of the different assortments.

          • James Schaffner

            I only purchased one other, it was Buzz and the dots match what you have here. The minifigs were from the same box as far as I know.

          • OK great! Sometimes the dots are a little difficult to read and air bubbles may look like dots. Can you attach a photo of your Alice dots so that I can compare them to mine? Based on Buzz, it seems that we have the same assortment.

          • James Schaffner

            Unfortunately I don’t have a good enough camera to take photos. I wound up with two of the Alice ones though, both had the same dots as your chart’s Ariel. My purchases were from a Toys R Us in north Florida.

          • Ok thanks! I’m going to look at my bags again to make sure I didn’t mix them up. Pretty sure I didn’t, but still worth a look considering your Buzz was a match.

          • James Schaffner

            No problem. I’m probably going to go back to that store tomorrow and pick up the rest of them, I’ll let you know if any others don’t match.

          • Try to feel around the unique parts to each minifigure, if you can. That should also help, along with the codes. Good luck getting they minifigures you’re looking for!

          • James Schaffner

            I was only able to get 5 more, about half had been bought by others between my last visit and this one. Here’s what I got:

            Ariel – | ‘ . ‘ |

            Cheshire – | . ‘ . |
            Mickey – Had dots from Ursula
            Ursula – | ‘ ‘ . |
            Mr Incredible – Had dots from Syndrome

            Going to have to wait for them to restock before I can get more from that location I think.

          • James Schaffner

            Oh, these packs are all marked 509B6

          • OK looks like we’ve got different assortments. That explains why the patterns don’t match. I have 601B6. If you get more from the same assortment would you please continue to share them? I can create another sheet so that we can try to help as many people out as possible.

          • James Schaffner

            Found a working camera!

          • todd33305

            Hello. We have 509B6 in S Florida as well. Some of ours are matching up but we have same result as James with others not matching. We bought at Lego store and Toys R Us. We have more packs to open tonight and made an order through Lego direct May 1 so will see what we have. Will post what we have on the bags tonight.

          • Perfect, Todd. If you can post the ones that James doesn’t have on the photo he shared, it will help me create a guide for assortment 509B6. It seems that that assortment is prevalent in Florida, while 601B6, which I have, is being spotted in California.

          • Got my fingers crossed on this guide as assortment in my area “Tesco UK” is 507B6

            So far Hook, Maleficent and Ursula have matched.

          • The guide is based on 601B6, but there are a few posts in the comments that may help with some of the others. I highly recommend feeling the contents in addition to see if you can identify any unique pieces. Best of luck getting the minifigures you’re looking for!

          • Marley

            oh no, I had been living in the hope that all the ones sold in the UK were of the same code. I bought the majourity of mine in Herefordshire, 651B5. I’m going away and wanted to get more, carrying my own list of bump codes I’ve picked up, but now realise I might have to rely on feel 100% I still need to get Buzz, Cheshire Cat, Donald and Peter Pan! : O

          • Marley

            My list so far… (651B5)

          • Thank you so much for sharing @Marley

          • The only one we have left to find is Alice we stupidly didn’t keep a list of bump codes at beginning of collecting this series and have ended up with duplicates and still no Alice :(

          • James Schaffner

            Well, the TRU here has been sold out every time I’ve been back. Target had them in tonight, unfortunately they were 401B6. Didn’t want to potentially start over since I didn’t have my list with me to try and compare against.

  • Just to clarify our codes are from an assortment purchased at Target in Southern California. Your codes may vary. If they do, we’d love it if you can share those codes and the location where you purchased them so we can create additional guides to share with everyone.

  • Chelsea Alford

    I have an extra Alice and daisy if anyone wants to trade!! I am looking for just a few at this point. :)

  • Dawn

    here in St. Louis, we only purchased 4 and had batch number of 202b6- Malificent was spot on! Donald had only one dot, Stitch’s package looked like Donalds and Cheshire cat looked like mickey’s above but backwards.

    • Thanks for sharing! Hope that helps someone with the same batch number.

  • Dustin N Deena Kargl

    I purchased 10 at ToysRUs today, and coding really helped. Captain Hook and Alladin were too close, but ended up with one of each! Mickey Mouse had the dots of Ursala, but all the others matched! Thanks for all the helpful info!

    • We’re glad it helped and thank you for taking the time to send a message to let us know!

  • Alina

    Thanx for sharing! Just have bought Daisy and Alice. 101B6 – the same pattern as yours. But can’t find Cheshire Cat for 20 minutes (( There were Mr.Incredible with almost the same pattern. I guess the pattern for cat is different. Or it’s very popular and they have already gone. ToysRus, Montreal

  • E

    Will these codes work for 209B6?

    • Some may match, but my advice would be to feel the contents of the bags for unique parts since we don’t seem to have anyone sharing codes for that assortment.

  • Alina

    Hi, it’s Montreal again )) Cheshire Cat is not the same for 101B6. It hasn’t left bottom dot (the other three dots are the same, but right upper dot looks a bit like an air bubble)

    • Thanks for sharing! Hopefully it will help someone out with 101B6. Were you able to find your Chesire Cat minifig?

  • Dkw

    I’m getting different dot placement. Stores seem to have new batches..
    Ariel’s dots are what you have above for buzz/daisy- 652b5either from Legoland SD or target OC, Aladdin’s is similar to what you have for Alice- 430B6, Alice seems to have 3 dots on lower left & 3 dots on lower right- 430B6, Malificent has 3 dots on the left & 2 on the right- 430B6. From Disney Store: Orange County, CA