I Heard A Rumor: ‘Agent Carter’ Series A Go with Hayley Atwell? Plus The Rock as Green Lantern John Stewart?

hollywood-movie-newsNow this is not the Bananarama song, but keep that going in your head as you read this. A couple of rumors making the rounds this morning. First up, back in September it was rumored that Marvel was looking to develop an Agent Carter television series.

This would be based on the character that first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, then again in a Marvel One-Shot. Hayley Atwell, the actress that played Agent Carter in both, spoke of being interested in reprising the role if they went ahead with it.

Now yesterday, the UK tabloid site, The Mirror is reporting that Atwell has been signed for the part of Agent Carter and that Marvel is moving ahead with the project for a fall premiere. Now this could all just be a tabloid being a tabloid and spreading rumor, or Marvel could finally be moving ahead. I guess you can decide whether to go along with it. I’m still apprehensive until Marvel gives us an official word on it. (Source: The Mirror)

Now for another interesting rumor this morning. There was a rumor that was too ridiculous to be true that surfaced last week that had Denzel Washington being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart. It was quickly shot down and dismissed.

Well again this morning John Stewart is back in the rumor mill, this time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name is being attached to it. Earlier this week Johnson teased fans saying that he actually met with Warner Bros. recently to discuss a role in a DC movie. Well now it is being rumored and backed up from previous Twitter exchanges, that he met to discuss playing the Green Lantern John Stewart.
(Source: CBM)

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