I Hate Fairyland #1 (Image Comics), Be Careful What You Wish For!

Skottie Young’s debut creator-owned project, I Hate Fairyland #1 is what you get when put Alice In Wonderland, Candyland, Adventure Time and a Quentin Tarantino movie into a blender and hit purée! The story follows Gertrude, or just Gert, as she is sucked away after wish to be taken to a world of filled with magic and wonder, or so she had hoped.

But this isn’t going to go too well for young Gert. Not. At. All.

Gert ends up in Fairyland where she discovers that she must go on a quest for a key that will unlock a door and get her back home. But things will not be that easy, we quickly learn this after discovering she has been there for 27 years already.

I found myself laughing aloud when Gert was arguing with the Moon and eventually with what followed. The world of Fairyland is quite the strange place filled with odd creatures and places. In the first issue we only get a small sample of this, but it is enough to hook you in.

The Good: Hilarious chaos. The world that Young has created here is one I want to learn more about. From the Slug Lord boss, to his mushroom headed police force, to Gert’s guide in Fairyland, Larrigon Wentworth III (aka Larry).

The Bad: I get the idea of what we trying to be achieved, but an issue I had with the first book would be the lettering. I’m assuming they were going for chaos and what a small terrible child hopped on sugar might be like, but I feel it was over done a bit.

Overall, I Hate Fairyland #1 was fun departure from the norm. I want to see what lies ahead for Gert as she insults her way on the quest for a key and getting back home.

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