Huck #1 (Image Comics), Small Town America Has A Secret (Hero)

In the latest project from Mark Millar (“Chrononauts,” “Kick-Ass,” “Secret Service,” “Civil War”), small town America has a secret and it is Huck. He’s a person with extraordinary abilities that loves to do good deeds for his friends and neighbors. All he asks is that they don’t tell anyone about him. But after he rescues 200 missing schoolgirls who were kidnapped, things will never be the same for Huck.

So the idea here is, what if Superman remained hidden and stayed in his small home in Kansas. And all he did was help people there. That is kind of what you get with Huck, at least so far. A simple-minded hero for a simpler time. He works at a gas station and runs around helping those in need. Something as simple as accidentally throwing out a piece of jewelry in the trash, and it being found, to removing a stubborn tree stump. Huck is there to help.

The first issue of Huck feels good. In a time when the big two are constantly shuffling their characters around, and over the top superheroes, some of which Millar himself is responsible for, it is refreshing to read a book like this. Artist Rafael Albuquerque (“American Vampire,” “Animal Man,” “Batman,” “Batman: Arkham Manor,” “Batgirl”) brings a real “Norman Rockwell” feel to the art. It is a modern-day story with a small town old-fashioned look to it.

The Good: A refreshing story about superheroes with some gorgeous artwork.

The Bad: With nothing glaringly standing out to me, it is too early to say at this point.

Overall Huck #1 is off to a great start and I’m eager to see where Millar takes this. Especially since this feels so radically different from his earlier projects.

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