How Is This Possible? Iron Man 3 Movie Main Line Figures Worse Than Iron Assemblers?

toy-news-and-talkFirst I want to apologize. I want to apologize to everyone that I said, just wait for the main line. The Iron Assemblers are not the main line and that will be what we have come to expect. I was wrong. Recently tons of Iron Man 3 merchandise went live for pre-order around the web. Then we saw images for the Iron Assemblers. A line of Iron Man 3 figures that featured interchangeable parts. Collectors were up in arms. What was Hasbro thinking? Then it was a wait and see what the main line would offer. This was my thinking at least. Well no more. Over at Entertainment Earth, they updated their pre-order listing for the Iron Man 3 Movie All-Stars Action Figures Wave 1 assortment (Hydro Shock Iron Man, Cold Snap Iron Man, Ghost Armor Iron Man and Shatterblaster Iron Man), you can see the listing here at Entertainment Earth. All I’m going to say is what the hell Hasbro? Apparently all the criticism from fans and collectors about Mattel’s Green Lantern and The Dark Knight Returns toy lines went over your head. These are just as bad. The only thing I can think of here is, that Hasbro no longer is catering to both kids and collectors here. They figure that the collector slot will be fulfilled by some third-party. So very sad to see this. I truly hope it doesn’t spread to other lines. Because if so, it looks like I’ll be saving LOTS of money this year and beyond.


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