Hot Toys Yoda Sixth-Scale Figure Unveiled

Hot Toys Yoda
On Star Wars day, May the fourth, Hot Toys revealed it had a few Jedi tricks up its sleeves for its Movie Masterpiece Series Star Wars collection. One of the items Hot Toys teased was a sixth-scale Yoda figure, which they’ve taken the wraps off of, today.

The Hot Toys Yoda is designed after the Frank Oz voiced puppet seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The pint-sized Jedi Master includes two unique portraits, including one with his eyes closed using the force.

Yoda comes dressed in a tattered robe secured by a belt with a small pouch. A blissl drapes around Yoda’s neck and his gimmer stick helps the 900-year-old keep upright. Besides his attire, Yoda includes some of the survival gear Luke Skywalker removed from his X-Wing after landing on Dagobah including a crate container, small lamp, and a LED-light up power unit. Finally, Yoda comes with a Dagobah diorama figure base that includes clear colored support rods. Several rocks attach to the rods to help recreate the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Yoda uses the force to levitate items around him including Luke’s X-Wing showing that “size matters not.”

Hot Toys’ Yoda is available for pre-order for $199.99. The figure is expected to see release between this Nov. and Jan. 2017.

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