Hot Toys Unveils Rogue One Death Trooper Specialist Figure

14196094_10153766074142344_7493630568611759022_oHot Toys wasted no time jumping on the Rogue One media blitz. After teasing their Movie Masterpiece Series Death Trooper Specialist figure yesterday, the collectibles maker released an image gallery of the black armor-clad Imperial, today.

The Hot Toys Death Trooper Specialist is a new Imperial trooper appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which opens in theaters in Dec. If the name Death Trooper wasn’t indication enough that these troopers are not ones to mess with their stature, with the figure standing noticeably taller than the standard Stormtrooper at approximately 12.8 inches tall, should be. The Death Trooper Specialist has a green-colored LED light-up function in its helmet, is equipped with tactical gear and includes grenades, a blaster rifle, pistol, and figure stand.

Hot Toys’ Rogue One Death Trooper specialist is priced $234.99 and is available for pre-order, now. The figure will be available starting on Sept. 30 in select markets.

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