Hot Toys Unveils Even More ‘Iron Man 3′ Collectibles!

toy-news-and-talkHot Toys has announced even more Iron Man 3 collectibles this morning. On their Facebook page, are two more Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS) collectible figures, the Mark 17 “Heartbreaker” and Mark 38 “Igor” armors. In addition to those two, there is a new Power Pose Series (PPS) Mark 35 “Red Snapper” collectible figure. There are not other details available this time, other than some promo images which look like the feature renderings from the movie than actual product. You can check out the images mirrored below. Look for more details soon for these latest Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Collectibles. (Source: Facebook)

hot-toys-iron-man-3-mark-17-heartbreaker-armor-movie-masterpiece hot-toys-iron-man-3-mark-35-red-snapper-armor-power-pose-series hot-toys-iron-man-3-mark-38-igor-armor-movie-masterpiece

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