Hot Toys Teases A Bevy of ‘Iron Man 3′ Collectibles to Come!

toy-news-and-talkAs if you didn’t see this one coming, Hot Toys has released a teaser for their Iron Man 3 collectibles. I know, you saw it too. Any ways, if these are anything like their earlier Iron Man and Iron Man 2 offerings, these will be sure to blow you away. So while we wait, take a look at the teaser image and get those wallets ready!

In this new year, there will be many new and exciting movies coming up and so do our collectible figures! Kicking start of the year, we are more than happy to announce to you one of your most expected Iron Man 3 license. A variety of Iron Man collectibles in different formats will be proudly presented soon. Stay tuned with us for more update in this wonderful season!


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