Hot Toys Sixth Scale Star Wars Bespin Luke Skywalker Figure Review

reviews-coffeeSomething I have always wanted to get into, but just never took the plunge with, is sixth scale figures. Mainly because the nicer higher end ones are pretty expensive (ranging from $150-$300 these days). But I still drool over the Sideshow and Hot Toys figures, especially the G.I. Joe and Star Wars ones. Thanks to toy collector and reviewer, Michael Crawford, fans can check out the incredibly awesome and detailed Star Wars sixth scale Bespin Luke Skywalker figure from Hot Toys. This thing is incredible. It really captures Mark Hamill’s look as he played Luke in Empire Strikes Back. The version that is reviewed is the exclusive one sold through Sideshow Collectibles which features the Vader helmet with Luke’s head in it. So head on over to Michael Crawford‘s website and check out his review of this latest Hot Toys release. You can pre-order Hot Toys Star Wars: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) still at Sideshow Collectibles.


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