Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon, Groot Sixth-Scale Figures Unveiled


It’s not a movie poster you’re looking at, it’s toys–Hot Toys.

Hot Toys has released photos of their Rocket Raccoon and Groot figures for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Rocket Raccoon fans will be happy to learn that the pint-sized anthropomorphic raccoon is available to purchase individually or as part of a set with Groot. If you decide to purchase the pair individually, be aware that you’ll be missing out on a few accessories unique to Groot that are exclusive to the set.

The Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon figure includes a new body standing just over six-inches tall with 17 points of articulation. Three pairs of interchangeable hands and a rifle are also included. The figure comes with a stand with Rocket nameplate and Guardians of the Galaxy movie logo.

The Hot Toys Groot figure includes a new body standing just over 15-inches tall with 15 points of articulation. Here’s where things get tricky. If you purchase Groot individually, you’ll only receive a single interchangeable hand with glow-effect. If you purchase Groot as part of the Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure set, you’ll get two additional interchangeable “clenched” hands and a switch-out portrait with an angry expression. Both versions include a figure stand with Groot nameplate and Guardians of the Galaxy movie logo.

Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and Groot are scheduled for a release in March / April 2015. While pricing has yet to be revealed, the Hot Toys Toy Sapiens store in Tokyo has Rocket and Groot listed individually at ¥16,000 and ¥22,000 (approximately $160 and $220), respectively.

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