Hot Toys Reveals Exclusive Avengers Version Scarlet Witch Figure

Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Movie Promo EditionHot Toys has revealed a new Scarlet Witch sixth-scale figure based on the character’s appearance at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron when she is inducted into the Avengers team along with War Machine, Vision, and Falcon.

The Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Avenger figure is designed in the likeness of Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the character in Age of Ultron. The figure comes dressed in her new Avengers team outfit and includes six interchangeable hands, four of which feature red translucent fingertips with attachable effect accessories to simulate the Scarlet Witch’s hexing powers. An Avengers: Age of Ultron themed figure stand is also included.

The Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Avenger figure is an exclusive Movie Promo Edition item only available in select markets. For the U.S. market, the figure will be available through Sideshow Collectibles.

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