Hot Toys Optimus Prime Revealed; Available for Pre-Order

File this one as coming out of left field. Hot Toys has announced a they’re expanding into the world of Transformers with a G1 Optimus Prime figure.

Under license from Hasbro, the Hot Toys Optimus Prime is dubbed the “Starscream Version,” and includes G1 Starscream parts, as seen in the G1 animated episode titled Megatron’s Master Plan. Technically this is Starscream posing as Optimus Prime, but in reality, it’s a 12-inchHot Toys Optimus Prime figure! The Hot Toys Optimus Prime does not transform into vehicle mode, but is detailed in typical Hot Toys fashion, including some amazing weathering. Also included is a terrain base with Autobot logo. An exclusive Starscream head is included for those pre-ordering from Sideshow Collectibles.

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