Hot Toys MMS Diecast Series Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Limited Edition Collectible Figurine Image Gallery

toy-news-and-talkHot Toys has posted a gallery of images for their upcoming Movie Masterpiece Series Diecast Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Limited Edition Figurine. These new figures are made from diecast material, and designed to look more realistic and closer to the Iron Man movie characters. This adds a new level of authenticity to these collectibles. The Mark 42 Collectible Figurine is movie-accurate and highly detailed. It is based on Robert Downey Jr. wearing the Mark 42 armor in the movie, featuring a highly detailed head sculpt, metallic red, gold and silver diecast armor, with interchangeable parts to simulate damage and light-up functions. It will be priced around $300 and available later this year. The pre-orders should be going up very soon for the MMS Mark 42 figure, so before then, check out he gallery of images below. (Source: Facebook)

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