Hot Toys Marty McFly Revealed, DeLorean Teased


Finally! Hot Toys is going back to the past to bring Back to the Future fans something they’ve been waiting years for, a Marty McFly action figure.

The Hot Toys Marty McFly is based on Michael J. Fox’s portrayal of the character in BTTF and is loaded with screen accurate accessories including sunglasses, backpack, skateboard, video camera, Walkman with headphones and even his Casio watch! An exclusive guitar accessory will also be included as are a number of switch-out hands. While the Hot Toys Marty McFly figure is great news, even better is the fact that the figure is posed alongside a DeLorean in Hot Toys’ promotional photos!

The Hot Toys Marty McFly is listed with a MSRP of HKD$1,430, about $185 US with pre-orders starting soon.

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