Hot Toys Iron Man Peacemaker Mark XXXVI Figure Unveiled

Hot Toys’ House Party Protocol continues. The next sixth-scale figure in Hot Toys’ Iron Man collection is the Mark XXXVI, nicknamed Peacemaker. The orange-colored Mark XXXVI armor is designed as a riot control suit, thus the Peacemaker moniker.

The Hot Toys Iron Man Peacemaker figure features 30 points of articulation and light-up LED eyes, chest and repulsors. The figure also includes three pairs of interchangeable hands and a display stand. Available in select markets, the Hot Toys Iron Man Peacemaker figure can be purchased exclusively through in the U.S. for $269.99.

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  • I have said it before and I will say it again. Iron man 3 was a disappointment and It should have had more action like promised.

    • Have yet to see it, actually. They’ve been rebuilding the theater by me at Disney so the parking has been terrible for the last year plus and it’s kept me away from seeing anything in theaters.

      • Ah I would say to bad but it’s a disappointment How you see films then because it’s out on home video. Probably streaming as well.

        • I think Iron Man 3 is streaming for rental, but not on Netflix. I usually buy Blu Ray discs if the pre-order prices are good and if they include a digital version so that if I sell the discs, I still have a digital copy. That’s mostly how I watch movies lately.

          • Make’s sense. I just go for the bare bones Dvd’s. Eventually I will have to upgrade but it’s just so damn expensive. I only have blu-rays of films that deserve it: The Hobbit EE, Indiana Jones boxset, Gravity. I don’t like the push the industry are doing to the dvd market at the moment though eventually it will all be obsolete. Which I fear because I like to have the films there to choose in boxes!