Hot Toys Expands Aliens Cosbaby Series

Hot Toys Cosbaby USMCHot Toys has announced three new entires in its Cosbaby series of styleized figures based on ’90s sci-fi film Aliens. The new Aliens Cosbaby figures include a set with Ellen Ripley and the Alien Queen, a USCM, and an Alien Warrior.

The Ripley and Alien Queen set features Ripley, with Newt in tow and gun in hand, ready to battle the Alien Queen. Ripley stands about 3.75 inches tall and has an articulated head, while the Alien Queen towers over Ripley at nearly 5 inches tall and features an articulated head, jaw, arms, and legs. Three alien eggs are included with the set as bonus accessories.

The USMC features a terrified expression and stands at about 4 inches tall. The marine’s fear is not unwarranted as the included Xenomorph Chestburster can be magnetically attached to the marine’s body. The USMC has an articulated head and arms.

Last, but not least, the 3.75-inch tall Alien Warrior Cosbaby has an articulated head, jaw, arms, and legs. The marines’ enemy combatant includes the bright yellow / green acidic blood effect parts that can be magnetically attached to the Xenomorph’s body.

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