Hot Toys Details Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Sixth-Scale Figure

Hot Toys Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman

Hot Toys has released photos and details for their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman figure, ushering in the era of Batfleck.

Based on Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman in Dawn of Justice, Hot Toys’ newest Batman figure features a masked head sculpt with three interchangeable eye and mouth pieces, as well as a newly developed muscular body to match Affleck’s physique in the Batsuit. Batman also includes his typical arsenal of gadgets including four batarangs, a grenade launcher with grenade, and a grappling gun with multiple attachments representing different the phases of the grapple hook launching. A Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand is also included.

An exclusive version of Batman will be available for selected markets, which includes a bonus sniper rifle accessory. For U.S. collectors, you’ll be able to pick up the exclusive version through Sideshow Collectibles. Finally, with Dawn of Justice revolving around the story of Batman and Superman, Hot Toys will include an additional Batman Tech Cowl as bonus accessory to anyone who pre-orders both the Batman and Superman Dawn of Justice figures together.

Look for both Batman and Superman, as well as the regional exclusive bonus sets, for sale on < Sideshow Collectibles. Both figures are slated for a 2016 release.

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