Hot Toys Deploys Its Rogue One Stromtrooper Figures

Hot Toys Rogue One Stormtrooper Collectible Figure SetHot Toys has announced it will offer its Movie Masterpiece Series Stormtrooper, based on Disney’s forthcoming Star Wars film Rogue One, in three different ways.

First, you’ll be able to pick up an individual sixth-scale Rogue One Stormtrooper. The figure has over 30 points of articulation, includes seven different interchangeable hands, is armed with a blaster rifle and comes with a figure stand. Based on Hot Toys’ description, the figure features a newly designed helmet, armor, and bodysuit, so it is not a direct re-release of the Stormtrooper based on A New Hope.

Next, Hot Toys is offering a Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper, whose designation is TK-14057. TK-14057 is a variant of the Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper Hot Toys revealed when it launched its Movie Masterpiece Series Rogue One line last month. This Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper is based on the new Rogue One Stormtrooper body design and includes an orange-colored pauldron and a backpack. This time, the figure is armed with a heavy blaster rifle and it also includes the obligatory figure stand with character nameplate.

Finally, for those who must own all of the Stormtroopers, Hot Toys is offering both the Roge One Stormtrooper and the Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper TK-14057 in a collectible set. The collectible set will get you both figures with all of their accessories, as well as two bonus accessories exclusive to the set: an additional heavy blaster rifle and a black-colored pauldron. Hot Toys has also noted that the Stormtrooper will have armor weathering exclusive to the set, but it’s difficult to make out how it differentiates from the single release Stormtrooper in the photos.

The Hot Toys Rogue One Stormtroopers are scheduled for release this winter at the end of 2016 / early 2017.

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