Hot Toys DeLorean Gets the Green Light; Up For Pre-Order

Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine

That was quick. A mere month and change after it was revealed, Hot Toys is soliciting pre-orders for it’s sixth-scale Back to the Future DeLorean vehicle.

The Hot Toys DeLorean is based on its appearance in Back to the Future and features its signature gull-wing doors, which open to reveal the LED light-up time machine circuitry and flux capacitor. The Hot Toys DeLorean can seat two, has moving wheels and measures approximately 28 inches in length by 14 inches in width by 8 inches in height. Besides the inner LED lights, there are a number of LED lights on the exterior including at the headlights and taillights. Finally, there’s also the instantly recognizable OUTATIME California license plate.

The Hot Toys DeLorean is available for pre-order on Sideshow Collectibles’ website and is priced at $689.99. The estimated shipping date is March 2016, so you’ve got time to start saving.

Now where is that Classic Batman Television Series Batmobile we first saw two years ago?

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