Hot Toys Bat Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises Introduced


Hot Toys has gone batty with the introduction of a 1/12 scale Bat vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises. While they’ve previously teased the Bat, Hot Toys never eluded to the fact that the Bat would be created in a 1/12 scale (6-inch figure scale), which is a departure from their usual 1/6 scale work.

The 1/12 scale Hot Toys Bat vehicle is in proportion to most 6-inch scale figures measuring in at approximately 30 inches long by 16 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The Bat includes a remote control that activate its six front and six middle LED lights, and its 2 rear engine LEDs. The remote also operates its spinning propellers. The Bat features movable rotors and rotatable propellers as well as a functional cockpit door with two seats capable of accommodating figures. A Bat stand (Why would we call it anything else?) is included for display.

Here’s where things may get a little confusing. There are two versions of the Bat a regular MMSC001 version that includes all the features noted above as well as a 6-inch Batman figure and a deluxe MMSC002 version that includes all the features noted above as well as a 6-inch Batman figure, a 6-inch Selina Kyle (Catwoman) figure and a fusion reactor. Essentially, both vehicles are identical with the only differences between the MMSC001 and MMSC002 being the inclusion of the Catwoman figure and fusion reactor.

The Hot Toys Bat is scheduled for a fall / winter 2015 release with the regular version priced $690, while the deluxe version is a whopping $780!


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  • I really hope the 1/12 scale Bat is not Hot Toys’ venture into 6-inch scale figures and vehicles. With most U.S. toy manufacturers making 6-inch figures now, as well as a slough of Japanese toy manufacturers getting in on licenses that were predominately help by U.S. companies, the market is going to get saturated quickly and its going and the selection is going to be stale. How many 6-inch Batman figures from The Dark Knight do we need?

  • It looks amazing. Damn if I had a spare £500 lying around .. Oh wait I do but that’s meant to be for my new computer! So are the six inch figures Hot toy versions then? Aren’t the normal size they make 12 inch? I don’t know I haven’t seen much of Hot toys other than they are dead expensive and look realistic.

    • Their normal size is 12-inch so this is the first time they’re doing 6-inch. While this looks great, the price is just unrealistic.

      I’m not sure where the TDK series fits in with the JL, but I think it’s still up in the air. I’ve heard it may be part of the continuity and I’ve also heard it may not. I think we’ll know when they make up their minds. It seems like each week they have a new direction because they want to match the Marvel formula.

      • Ah Ok. I hate to say it but I think it doesn’t fit into the JL canon. We haven’t actually had a specific answer but Nolan has said several times he’s done with him. The studio could still tie it together. If it were me I would have Affleck as Older John Blake (“you should use your other name: Robin” – In the cinema there was a slight cheer at that point!) and then have TDKT then as the start of the JL universe. Then we have the canon intact and the character we were introduced to. When (It’s not an If is it!) they decide to do batman films they can then set it during the middle of this time and in the Nolan verse. Rumours suggest 2019 at the earliest. Do you think TDKR should have been longer or another film because I felt at the end the film suddenly stops and Batman saves the day and it just ends. Maybe it was just me but I wanted to see more of John Blake and Catwoman (especially)

        • Posted this in another comment, but have you seen some of the publicity photos coming from DC fro Batman V. Superman? They use that same rain style art that we saw in TDKR. This leads me to believe they may be looking to continue with the tone that Nolan set from TDK trilogy. I personally didn’t enjoy TDKR as much as I did TDK. I thought the entire Bane story was too convoluted and there were a few parts that we underdeveloped and squeezed in. I didn’t actually mind the end b/c it was very Batman Beyond, which is a great animated series and it feels like it’s hinting at that.

          • Are you talking about the Superman Image? I think that’s it so far. Until Comic Con of course! It does look very much in the style of TDKT but then most Hollywood films do now (Robocop for example grr it was an awful film) Is DOJ being produced by Nolan he did MoS and it was clearly felt in some scenes and the marketing especially. I agree with it being undercooked and some things feeling out of place. Maybe there’s a directors cut? I haven’t seen batman Beyond but I have heard of it.

          • Yes, the Superman image. It really looks like a continuity of the Batman story, which makes me wish that Christian Bale was returning as Batman. Maybe they have some surprises under their sleeve… I hope. I’m just not excited for Affleck as Batman.

          • I think we will get lots of surprises. Christian Bale is such a good actor and suits Batman very well and It’s a pity. As for Affleck i don’t mind- I’ve haven’t seen any other things with him in so I have a neutral opinion.