Hot Toys Announces Team Iron Man Cosbaby Set Featuring Spider-Man

13246259_10153529972907344_1132083877477708031_oHot Toys isn’t done with Captain America: Civil War. The Hong Kong collectibles maker announced a set of Cosbaby bobbleheads based on Marvel’s summer blockbuster featuring Team Iron Man.

The Hot Toys Team Iron Man Cosbaby set includes Tony Stark in the Iron Man Mark XLVI armor, War Machine Mark III, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision, and Spider-Man who includes a Captain America shield accessory. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 3.75 inches tall and has a bobblehead feature. The Team Iron Cosbaby set is designed in the lines unique style, making the bobbleheads compatible for display alongside Hot Toys’ other Cosbabies.

The Tony Stark and Spider-man Cosbaby bobbleheads are exclusive to the set and will not be sold individually.

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