Hot Toys Announces Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Figure

Hot Toys Wonder WomanThe Trinity is Complete. Hot Toys has announced their Movie Masterpiece Series sixth-scale Wonder Woman figure based on DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman joins the previously announced Batman and Superman figures as part of the Dawn of Justice lineup.

The Hot Toys Wonder Woman figure features a portrait in the likeness of Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice. The portrait has long, curly rooted hair with a tiara. Wonder Woman comes on a newly developed female body standing 11.4 inches tall with 17 points of articulation. Dressed in her signature red and blue armor with gold trim, Wonder Woman’s iconic logo appears around her waist. The figure is equipped with a sword and shield, as well as the Lasso of Truth. Six interchangeable hands are included for wielding the accessories and a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand with movie logo and Wonder Woman nameplate .

Pre-orders for the Hot Toys Wonder Woman figure are now open. The figure is priced $234.99 and is expected to arrive between July and Sept.

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