Honey, They Blew Up the Cosbaby

Hot Toys Cosbaby Large Captain America and Iron ManHot Toys is launching a new, larger scale in their Cosbaby line of bobble heads.

The new larger Cosbaby (L) bobble heads stand 9-inches tall and tower over the diminutive 3.75-inch Cosbabies, now referred to as Cosbaby (S), when sized up. Besides the size difference, the larger Cosbabies also show off the intricacies and details of the character sculpts better than the pint-sized versions.

Hot Toys will kick off the Cosbaby (L) lineup with Captain America and Iron Man (Mark XLVI) Cosbabies based on Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Look for pre-orders for the Hot Toys Cosbaby (L) Captain America and Iron Man bobble heads to start soon.

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