Holiday Treats From NECA, More Behind the Scenes: Predators Dio, Portal 2 ATLAS Prototype and 1/4th Scale Iron Man Prototype

toy-news-and-talkWhile most of us have been running around getting ready for the holidays or spending time with family, NECA has been playing Santa and delivering the goods to fans. Over the last few days, they have shared some behind the scenes look at upcoming product and there is certainly some exciting stuff. First up, they shared an image of an unpainted prototype 1/4th scale Iron-Man head, showing off a testing of the LED to be used. This figure will be available in April 2013. Next up, they posted an image of an in progress model for Portal 2 ATLAS figure and it looks great so far. Look for this figure in the Spring of 2013. Lastly, now from what I’m understanding is a dio display of a Predators skull trophy wall.

BTS – full details and specs at Toy Fair in Feb. (actual toys pictured) #predator2 #trophycase #diorama #thankyou

If this is true, I can’t wait to get my hands on one or two or three or… Yes I have a problem, what of it? More details will become available for all these collectibles and others from NECA at the 2013 Toy Fair in February. (Source: Twitter)

neca-iron-man-qrtr-scale-led-prototype neca-portal-2-atlas-figure-prototype neca-predators-series-trophy-case-diorama

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