Hey You Did It! Did What You Ask? You Helped Get the Castle Grayskull Pre-Order Through!

toy-news-and-talkWell you Masters of the Universe fans did it. Mattel received more than enough of the minimum pre-orders needed to go ahead with the MOTUC Castle Grayskull! In Mattel fashion, the last-minute orders needed were there, so now pre-orders will continue through January 4th, at 9am PST for those that have no pre-ordered yet. But rest assure, around this time next year, you will soon have your hands on, “the biggest, most icon, most detailed, most accessorized piece of Masters of the Universe real estate ever built!” So now you won’t have to use your Grand Dad’s, Dad’s or even your old teeny tiny Castle Grayskull for all your new updated MOTUC figure. Mattel says they will have more information and hopefully something to show at Toy Fair 2013 in February. (Source: Matty Collector)

motuc-castle-grayskull-drawing-01 motuc-castle-grayskull-drawing-02

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