Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben in the Latest Figure Subscription Service 3.0 from the GIJCC

toy-news-and-talkThere’s no Parliament in the latest Figure Subscription Service 3.0 preview from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, which comes to us a little early today (Fun Publications is at BotCon this weekend). What we do have this time around is, Big Ben! The character was from the British army and first appeared as a figure in the 1991 A Real American Hero series. He also appeared in the DiC version of the G.I. Joe cartoon.

If you are interested in the FSS 3.0, then head over here to place your pre-order. Pre-orders will remain open until July 1st.

– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– Based on Version 1 Action Figure from 1991
– Features NEW Head Sculpt
– Includes G.I. Joe Logo Stand, TNT Satchel Bag, Assault Weapon, Machine Gun with Bi-pod, Grenades, Machete, Backpack

(Note: Photo depicts prototype and final product may slightly differ.)

(Source: GIJCC)


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