Hey Did You Hear? (Like You Didn’t) Peter Capaldi Is the 12th Doctor

television-news-and-talkI’m sure many have already heard the news, the internet was buzzing with anticipation during the Doctor Who special that BBC aired at 2pm EST today, on BBC One and BBC America. During the special they announced the next Doctor, the 12th Doctor. And that person is none other than Peter Capaldi (IMDb). Some might recognize him from his most recent role in World War Z as a W.H.O. Doctor (kind of ironic), but Capaldi has had a quite extensive acting career. As always when there is change, there are many mixed emotions. Some are good. Some are bad. I very much enjoyed Matt Smith as the Doctor, with all his youthful quirkiness and seeing an older version of the Doctor again is quite the shake up. Who knows, Capaldi could very well be just as fun. Only time will tell. Look forward to Doctor Who Season/Series 8 when it returns this Fall.

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