Heroes of Cosplay Season 1.5 Teaser — Series Returning Soon!

television-tv-news-and-talkIf you enjoyed Syfy’s reality series (I use that loosely), Heroes of Cosplay, then you will be happy to know it is returning soon. What they are calling the second half of season 1, will feature all-new episodes with some of your favorite cosplayers.

Syfy posted a teaser to commemorate the announcement. There is no date mentioned yet, but you can expect six more episodes of Heroes of Cosplay to round out the season. So are you excited for the show’s return? Or do you feel it is an ugly representation of the cosplay world?

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  • Wolfyhound

    Definitely a ugly non-realistic representation of cosplayers. The shows tore up a lot of the community, I’m surprised they found cosplayers.

    • Definitely didn’t do anything good for the cosplay community. But I knew better than to take it seriously.