Herocross Reveals Alien vs. Predator Hybrid Metal Figuration Predalien

Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration PredalienHerocross has announced an Alien vs. Predator Predalien for its Hybrid Metal Figuration line.

When a Facehugger infects a Predator, the resulting creature is a much larger and stronger cross-breed than imaginable. Herocross’ Predalien stands 5.5 inches tall and is comprised of hybrid metal in main part of the body. The figure has 30 points of articulation and features a hidden button that triggers a shoot-out inner jaw, revealing the Chestburster embryo. A closed Xenomorph egg and figure stand round out the figure’s accessories.

The Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration Predalien is priced $102 and is available for pre-order on Herocross’ site. Pre-orders will receive a bonus limited edition opened Xenomorph egg, in addition to the closed egg. The Predalien is scheduled for release between April and June.

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