Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola Draws Badass Comic-Con Poster for Pixar’s ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ TV Special

television-tv-news-and-talkOkay yeah sure, cool another Toy Story animated project. I’m all for that. But what I’m really liking here is that poster by Mike Mignola for the Toy Story That Time Forgot TV special coming later this year in December. The poster is freaking awesome! Since Mignola debuted Hellboy back in the early ’90s I have been a huge fan of his work, so when I see him doing something new, even if it is a poster I’m all in. Now to get someone to get me one of these. Hmmm…

In the Toy Story That Time Forgot special, the Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever, also turn out to be dangerously delusional. The gang must rely on Trixie, the triceratops, if they are to ever return to Bonnie’s room.

The cast includes Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Kevin McKidd as Reptillus Maximus, Wallace Shawn as Rex, Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head and Joan Cusack as Jessie. For those in attendance at Comic-Con, there will be a panel on Thursday, July 24th at 11:15am PST, in Room 6A. (Via TVLine)


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