Hear That? That is the Star Wars Expanded Universe Gone In the Blink of an Eye

hollywood-movie-newsA disturbance in the Force has happened, and as usual, it is not good. Well not good depending on your point of view. Over at the TheHothSpot, came across a question and answer that took place on Twitter by Leland Chee, Continuity Database Administrator for Lucasfilm and some fans that hinted at the fate of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Chee shared that they are looking to simplify things going forward and make it a more cohesive Star Wars canon. Meaning the Star Wars Expanded Universe is going bye-bye. Some fans asked when they will know what will kept from the current canon — will it just be the Star Wars original trilogy and prequels? Will it include any of the animation, like The Clone Wars? What about the books, comics and video games?

Chee tried to answer, but did not answer at the same time. You can read some of the exchange in the tweets below. So what do you think about this? Will you be taking up arms and exploding into nerd rage? Or will you be okay with this very necessary change? (Source: TheHothSpot)

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  • Spiderpope

    And with that, the last lingering interest i had in Star Wars is extinguished. I came to the franchise through the novels, so their continuity was quite important to me. Now that it’s being erased, and replaced by something overseen by frickin’ JJ Abrams (who has done a terrible job already with Star Trek) i no longer have any interest in continuing spending money on Star Wars.

    It was nice while it lasted.