Hayley Atwell Reveals ‘Agent Carter’ To Be An 8-Episode One and Done Season?

television-tv-news-and-talkDuring ABC Upfront this week, Hayley Atwell revealed some details about Marvel’s Agent Carter series coming to ABC for the 2014–2015 television season. She mentions that season will be an 8-episode season, and from the sounds of it, that could be it. A one and done season. Which kind of makes sense for now. She is film actress first, so she probably doesn’t want to be tied down to television and be able to do other film projects.

Now this doesn’t mean that if the show is successful, that Marvel won’t try to entice her to do more Agent Carter. Either extending season one or have her return for a second season of 8 or so episodes. I’m hoping this series can find itself early and be something good. I enjoyed seeing Atwell return for the Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, so seeing her in an ongoing series is more than welcomed.

Marvel’s Agent Carter starring Hayley Atwell reprising her role of Agent Carter will premier on ABC sometime during the 2014–2015 television season.

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