Hasbro’s 3.75-Inch Marvel Legends Line Gets New Black Panther, Spider-Man Figures

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panthor

The shift from 3.75 to 6-inch figures in Hasbro’s portfolio has come as a concern to 3.75 loyalists. Amid concerns, Hasbro has shown their commitment to the smaller 3.75-inch line showcasing new figures at events like San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con, and by revealing the late-summer 2016 figure wave on their collector-focused website Pulse. Thanks to Hasbro’s consumer website, you can now add Black Panther and Spider-Man figures to the list of new 3.75-inch figures on the way.

Hasbro’s Black Panther and Spider-Man figures are listed on Hasbro’s consumer site alongside the first wave of figures in the re-branded Marvel Legends Series 3.75-inch line, which includes Ulik, Triton, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Noir, Yondu and Iron Man. There’s no indication if these two figures are now included in the wave, but if the new package art is any indication, it’s a strong possibility.

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