Hasbro Slow Reveals Marvel Legends Series 3.75″ 2016 Wave 3 Figures, Starting With Hydro-Man


Yesterday, Hasbro announced that they would be revealing the third wave of Marvel Legends Series 3.75″ 2016 figures this week. The shared an image of with the silhouetted figures, leaving fans to guess who the shapes could be. They mention three different figure reveals, with a the fourth figure having a “completely different look.” What that means exactly remains to be seen.

Today they revealed the first of the four figures from Wave 3 and that figure is super-villain, Hydro-Man, who is a Spider-Man villain in the comic books. The Marvel Legends Series 3.75″ 2016 Wave 3 figures will be available in August 2016. Stay tuned for further unveilings throughout the rest of the week.

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