Is Hasbro Bringing Back Visionaries?

The ’80s was filled with some great toy lines and cartoons based on those toys. One toy line that was short-lived, but still remains a popular topic among children of the ’80s, is the late ’80s Hasbro toy line, Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. Both the toy line and cartoon based on the toys, only lasted for a limited time. There were 12 action figures and 4 vehicles produced in the line, this last longer than the animated series which only saw 13 episodes produced. A short run compared to other cartoons during that time. There was even a comic book series that only last six issues.

Even though it has a short time in the spotlight, Visionaries is still a beloved property among toy collectors and cartoon fans. To see it return again would be a definite welcome. Thanks to the guys at, some trademarks were discovered that were recently filed by Hasbro that could be pointing to that.

What is unknown if these trademarks are actually anything more than refilling of old and filing of new ones to just hang onto the trademarks, or if Hasbro is readying themselves to reintroduce Visionaries to the world again. You’ll also notice that some of these are for action figures, while others are marked for other merchandise as well as film and TV applications.

I for one certainly hope Hasbro is doing something with Visionaries again, and soon. It’s a shame they didn’t take advantage of these types of trademarks they still have from various ’80s properties and introduce them to The HUB while they could. (Source: ToyArk)

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  • Hopefully this at least means a DVD release in the US…

    • I am all for that. I’d love to see a resurgence for Visionaries.